A Dismal Tale of Failure

jobOver the last 12 months, Australia has recorded a loss of 86,500 full time jobs and the creation of 196,000 part-time jobs. Employment growth for September was negative, yet the overall rate fell by 0.1% due to a 0.4% decline in the participation rate, i.e. unemployed people giving up looking for work, either permanently or temporarily.

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Is Q&A losing it?

audience15If last week’s Q&A panellist Grace Collier is simplistic enough to think the unemployment problem would be solved by those looking for work simply starting their own businesses, why was she on the program in the first place?


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Foreign Debt Explained: It’s not what you think.

imagesZYE2J0BKDuring a recent Q&A with Adelaide University’s Economics lecturer, Dr Steven Hail, I asked several questions about the much misunderstood subject of Australia’s foreign debt position. Steven has a Ph.D. in economics, from Flinders University, and Bachelors and Masters degrees in economics from the London School of Economics. 


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Neoliberal Groupthink Triumphs Again



It was a disappointing start for the new governor, who is well aware of what a currency issuing government can do. This meeting was a great opportunity for him to make his mark and lay it on the line. But instead, he chose to speak neo-liberal claptrap.
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Porter’s Plan Misses the Point

imageA basic job guarantee for every able young person now on welfare is the answer Christian Porter is seeking. It is staring him and his government in the face and no one, it appears, can see it.

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The Case for Overt Monetary Financing

Full-EmploymentLong term economic stagnation, such as we are facing now, poses serious social risks for all nations currently recovering from the GFC. Unemployment, underemployment, a lowering of living standards and greater inequality will, if not checked, eventually lead to civil unrest.

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Here’s something to think about…

iain-dooleyStarting a new political party is not that difficult. The recent surge in start-ups demonstrates this. It’s largely just a matter of paperwork. Getting it off the ground, however, is something else. Being heard and supported in great numbers though, is often a bridge too far.

Here’s something to think about…

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